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Post-Judgment Modifications

Melbourne Post-Judgment Modification Attorneys Handle Requests to Revise Divorce Terms

Florida firm assists clients seeking changes and those opposing them

Though couples typically regard the entry of a divorce decree as the endpoint of the legal process, circumstances that change after the marriage is dissolved might motivate one ex-spouse to seek a revision to their divorce order. Located in Melbourne and serving clients throughout Brevard County and the surrounding area, Tucker Mitnik P.A. handles Florida post-judgment modification matters for clients who want to adjust the terms of their divorce, as well as those opposing the requested revisions. Whether your particular concern involves child custody, visitation, alimony or child support, we’ll give you honest counsel about your chances for success and press for a resolution that fairly represents the current situation.

Modifications to custody and visitation terms

A divorce between parents can be extremely difficult for their sons and daughters. Finding the right solution to questions of custody and visitation is often complicated, and changes in the lives of children and parents might cause parties to pursue a modification to parenting time schedules. Like initial custody orders, judges make decisions on proposed adjustments based on what is in the child’s best interests. A parent who wishes to relocate 50 miles or more away from their present home must obtain consent or court approval before completing their move. We handle relocation issues as well as custody-related modification requests stemming from questions about parental incapacity, mistreatment, substance abuse and other concerns.

Grounds for granting child support modifications

Typically, a child support rate is subject to review after three years, but changes in circumstances can compel a court to adjust the amount sooner than that. Reasons for granting a modification include:

  • Substantial income adjustment — You can seek a modification if a permanent change in parental income would result in a shift of at least 15 percent in the monthly child support rate, as long as the amount of the increase or decrease is $50 or more.
  • Significant life change — A parent’s child support obligation ends if their son or daughter marries or joins the armed forces. You can seek a modification if a permanent change in parental income would result in a shift of at least 15 percent in the monthly child support rate, as long as the amount of the increase or decrease is $50 or more.
  • Illness of a child — Though Florida’s child support formula takes health insurance premium costs, if a young person contracts a serious illness that requires extraordinary medical care, a child support order could be changed so that parents each are responsible for a fair share of the healthcare costs.

Throughout Brevard County and elsewhere, parents count on our experience and legal knowledge to protect their interests during child support modification proceedings.

Spousal support modifications

Factors that are used to set alimony terms can change drastically in a short time. A recipient ex-spouse might choose to remarry or move in with a new romantic partner. Financial problems for the paying spouse could make abiding by the existing spousal support order overly burdensome. No matter what motivates the proposed modification in your case, our firm is ready to gather the necessary information to make the strongest possible argument in negotiations or hearings before the court.

Contact an accomplished Florida family lawyer regarding a post-judgment modification

Tucker Mitnik P.A. advocates for Florida clients who are seeking modifications to divorce and custody orders, as well individuals opposing such changes. Our office is in Melbourne and we serve clients in Viera, Rockledge and elsewhere in Brevard County. To set up a consultation, please call 321-392-5239 or contact us online.

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