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Family Law

Divorce and Debt Division

During divorce proceedings, couples not only have to divide up their assets but they must also divide their debts. There are various types of debt that must be divided during divorce proceedings.

Marital vs Separate Property

There are two distinctions with respect to property and property division in divorce proceedings. The distinction involves which type of property the property constitutes for purposes of division.

Overview of Malpractice Actions Against Child Welfare Agencies or Caseworkers

There are major problems with respect to the way in which child welfare agencies and caseworkers operate in the child welfare system. The agency or caseworker may neglect the child, not provide adequate avenues for the child, or may even in extreme cases lose the child in the welfare system. There has been a large increase of malpractice actions filed by children and their parents against both agencies and caseworkers.

Paternity Fraud

Paternity fraud occurs when a mother or alleged father acts in a deceitful manner to either establish paternity or to show that paternity does not exist. For example, the mother may place an alleged father’s name on a birth certificate who is not the biological father. The mother or alleged father may also tamper with the paternity test results.

Types of School Discipline

There are numerous types of school discipline that may be imposed if a student engages in improper conduct.

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